Financial News Agency
ET Net Limited
  ET Net Limited commenced business in 1994. Throughout the years, ET Net has taken a unique position in the financial services industry by providing financial news and a comprehensive range of information including real-time quotations to the professional market and retail investors.

Hong Kong quotation business
The Hong Kong quotation business focuses on providing financial news, real-time quotations of Hong Kong equities and derivatives, commentaries, and information of Hong Kong listed companies market related analysis and charting information. Apart from Hong Kong, such information is transmitted to regions including Macau, Mainland China, Taiwan and Japan. ET Net is currently the dominant data vendor to its key clients including banks and brokers firms.

Mainland China quotation business
ET Net has obtained approval certificate to disseminate electronic financial news and information in Mainland China with reporters stationed in Beijing and Shanghai. Currently, it has offices or agents in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. While it offers different products for local brokers users with basic requirements as well as professional users, it also developed strategic partnership with Qianlong, a major financial information vendor in the Mainland, and Wind, to further develop its quotation business in the market.

Financial News Website: & and provides financial news and related information to Hong Kong and Mainland China viewers respectively. Acting as an online advertising and marketing channel for the Group, it also offers online advertising service and an e-commerce platform for ET Press.


  Solutions Businesses
ET Trade Limited (formerly ET Net Oneoffice)
  ET Trade Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of ET Net Limited. It provides the financial market with a truly " One-stop-shop " solution that integrates front office trading system, back office settlement system and Internet trading system for banks and brokerage firms.

ET Wealth
  ET Wealth Limited specializes in providing wealth management solutions. Tapping on the core competence of ET Net Limited in providing real-time financial information, ET Wealth has developed a total content-rich wealth management system for the banking, finance and insurance industry.

   Property Information
  Electronic property information has been offered since 1991. EPRC currently provides comprehensive, user-friendly professional property information and has been a market leader for years. Apart from offering professional property information, EPRC has in recent years expanded its services to direct marketing and solution businesses, which further enhance its all-round services.

Property Information business
  EPRC is well equipped with full transaction records covering various kinds of properties. It also offers asking price analysis for customers to keep well aware of the latest market situation. Its provision of property details enables customers to have a ' 3-dimensional ' access to the information of the property market. It positions itself as a strong business tool for property practitioners.

Major clients include property developers, property agents, bankers and governmental bodies. Other related web sites include e-Valuation ( for the trade users.

   Direct Marketing and Solutions
EPRC Direct Marketing (DM) Service
  EPRC DM is a database marketing business leveraging on the Group's enormous internal resources. Its database is frequently updated. EPRC dedicates itself to provide marketers with the most efficient and cost-effective marketing solution for their various promotion campaigns.

EPRC Solutions Service
  EPRC Solutions Service provides address cleansing system, data enrichment module and China address de-duplication system, It helps maintain and enhance clients' data quality. Its major clients include banks, utilities companies, insurance companies and governmental bodies.